About Naeeda

I realised that I was at a tipping point in my career and tried to move away from beauty but then beauty bought me back because it became clear to me that people really were in need, of me and I could not let them down.
As I am single person business and it’s growing, I am still big on quality of my treatments and I keep insisting on quality of my life and in depth studying of new techniques and technology.
I am Holistic and wellness aesthetician who combines modalities with advance technology. I am bringing you good quality premium products and personalised advanced facials combined with relaxing facial massages (massage training is ongoing as and when I find good technique I learn and combine it to make it even better experience for you). There for I have ventured into learning new techniques and adding new skills, technology and products from time to time.
I am a dedicated skin specialist offering extremely professional, yet relaxed environment with the highest standards of patient care. I have mastered the several dozen skill certifications to give you the best services which are personally performed by myself.
Finding a good aesthetician is kind of like finding a good partner most of us have, to shop around a little before we settle on “the one” and much like bad relationship, bad beauty treatment can leave you unhappy, dissatisfied, and maybe a little emotionally scarred from the experience.
For this reason, I recommend you try myself as you are in trusted, capable hands, you know the kind that can give any beauty treatment a good experience as with vast experience in this field since 1997.
I am constantly researching in giving you best treatments, equipment and techniques in order to provide a most amazing experience in a very chic and friendly environment when you leave the salon.
I am still studying further holistic and advance technology as well as nutrition to be able to guide my beautiful ladies into a good routine inside out to give a clear dewy skin and feel comfortable with no make-up or less.
I will always aim to create each clients specific needs to achieve best possible results based treatment